Who we are

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic is a non-profit organization constituted by the bilateral European Chambers of Commerce incorporated in the Dominican Republic.

The bilateral chambers of commerce’s affiliates compose our membership with approximately 2,000 companies, both Dominicans and Europeans, which operate in different economic sectors in the Dominican Republic.

Our partners share a common vision for the Dominican Republic: encourage, develop and facilitate in the broader sense, trade and investment, as well as the rest of the exercise of commerce and free industries between the Dominican Republic and the European countries represented by the bilateral chambers of commerce.

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic consists of 8 chambers representing 15 European countries. These are the European Chambers of Commerce in the Dominican Republic: Belgium- Luxembourg, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Baltic States.

Mission Statement

The Eurocamara is a lobby organization representing and defending the business interests of European investments, companies and businesses in the Dominican Republic, enabling trade between the Dominican Republic and Europe, and stimulating the development of the Dominican Republic.