tacThe Trade Assistance Committee has been established in August 2015 with the objective to support the members of Chambers of Commerce in the DR, representing the EU Member States, and being part of the Eurocamara, in any type of non-tariff barriers to trade, such as (but not limited to) delays, overvaluing, EPA compliance, competition, public procurement and contraband.

 The members of the Eurocamara TAC are the Eurocamara Board, Representatives of the EU Delegation and Trade Advisors of the EU Embassies, Consulates and Missions in the Dominican Republic.

 The Trade Assistance Committee has defined the following guidelines for accepting and handling cases:

  1. Cases involving any type of non-tariff barrier to trade can be submitted via tac@eurocamarard.org
  1. Any submitted Case needs to be accompanied by a fully filled TAC Case Submission Form, accompanied by all required information.
  1. For the success of the proceeding, it is crucial that the submitting party provides full disclosure towards any relevant information related to the Case. The Case file and any additional information submitted in the course of the proceeding need to be provided in two versions: confidential (which will be only accessible to the members of the TAC Subcommittee that will deal with the Case, and constitute the basis for exchanges with the concerned authorities (the latter if not advised otherwise)) and non-confidential which can be shared and discussed with the entire TAC Committee”.
  1. The Eurocamara provides an optional service to fully document a Case before submission to the TAC. The fee will depend on the type of Case and its complexity. For an indication of the fee that applies to your particular Case, you can write to tac@eurocamarard.org
  1. Once submitted the TAC will assess the Case in order to determine the root cause of the problem, and define an appropriate solution strategy.
  1. The TAC has the discretion to decide on the acceptance of Cases, based on the initial analysis of their content and the Committee’s capacity.
  1. The TAC will inform the submitting party on a regular basis about the status of the Case.
  1. In the occasion, a Case requires specific expertise or activities in terms of fact-finding, Case assessment, Case follow up or other matters, the TAC will inform the submitting party, in order to discuss funding for any of the expertise required.
  1. It is the objective of the TAC to support submitting parties with their Cases; however, the TAC cannot give any guarantee that a Case will be resolved.